Three Books in Three Weeks

December 17th, 2011 | Category: News

In other words, research til you drop. Ten flights, three rental cars, and one traffic violation complete with state trooper saying, “Ma’m, step out of the vehicle.”

Book One: MAYFLOWER Travelling to Plymouth Massachusetts to the Plimoth Plantation

Book Two: JESSE AND THE BOOK BOAT Travelling to Syracuse New York to the Erie Canal Museum

Book Three: MIDNIGHT Travelling to Be’er Sheva, Israel.

It was “work” highly mixed with fun seeing family and friends along the way.

Exciting to see my book FACEOUT at Barnes and Noble on Fifth Ave in NYC and fun signing a book contract in person at Holiday House Publishers.

All is all 2011 was a blessed year. Travelling all over the world, catching up with family, fellow creators, and speaking at International events. Visiting the holiest of places on the planet where I made wishes, lit candles and whispered dreams. Buddhist temples in Japan, Hindu temples in India, the Jewish Wailing Wall, Christ’s Tomb and Allah’s Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.
As an Agnostic, I covered all bases without prejudice.

Peace on Earth in 2012

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