The Volcano and Me

November 16th, 2010 | Category: News

Young PoetHearing the children of Montserrat read their illustrated poems “The Volcano and Me” was a heart wrenching yet highlight of the Festival. The Montserrat Volcano Observatory organized the contest and I’m trying my hardest to encourage they publish the children’s work.
The winning poems will be here shortly. Need to click on MVO Illustrated Poem Competition!!

Something to make you ponder:

Montserrat will always be nice, with beautiful women and mountain chicken.
On a sadder note, heres some images of Montserrat taken at some of our old hang outs.The Village PlaceThe Nest at Isles BeachTennis Courts at the Vue Pointe
The past is gone, literally and physically. Quaint 18th century Plymouth is well buried. First by Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and then by the volcano rearing up it’s fiery head in 1995. My Montserrat is just sweet memories.

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