The No Smile Line to the Island of Smiles

November 8th, 2010 | Category: News

North KoreaWith the G20 summit is about to ensconce the city of Seoul, Susanne Gervay and I head to the 38th parallel to see if we can catch a glimpse of Dear Leader and ask him his plans for the summit.R.O.K soldier
Landmines on the left, soldiers on the right, here we are, stuck in the DMZ.
After two passport checks we board a military bus where we have to leave all our personal belonging. At Checkpoint Charley we sign a release form which states that we may be harmed or killed visiting the DMZ and therefore the United Nations, the USA and the Korean Peoples Army cannot be held responsible. We are warned not to make any sudden gestures and not to point as we file into a room known as T-2 and cross over the border into North Korea.
The R.O.K soldiers all stand in a tae-kwon-do pose known as here as ROK Ready. ROC Ready
We’re guests of the President and Korea’s most famous illustrator, Mr Kang Woo Huon and wire zip to Nami Island, a small fairytale country in Korea. cold climate ostrichesZip WireFastest way to Nami Island In which I now hold citizenship. And here’s my passport to prove it! Naminara Republic passport
We’ve been invited to Korea because of our contribution to the Nambook-010 Peace Story. 22 authors and 22 illustrators were invited from 22 countries.
Our story “Remember East Timor” written by Susanne is on display.Peace Story

We get to do our own Rock Ready pose before we farewell our Nami Island.
We don’t say goodbye, we just say we’ll see you again soon!Nami Island Ferry

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