Sharing a Cow

January 13th, 2010 | Category: News

Books moooo-ve me!
Matt OttleyMatt Ottleyimg_3599
Matt Ottley and I painted a requiem on the beast on Day 1. It looks dynamic, but it is so not on any brief ever mentioned before during and now after. It was difficult stopping Matt because the work was so magnificent and he just kept smiling as I kept saying, “Matt, the brief, the title, the other illustrators”…..
BUT it looks good. It’s the background and we did have to paint bits on top.

Day 2 and 3

Sam Hughes, Shannon Melville, Briony Stewart, Karen BlairWendy Binks
Our SCBWI team are mooo-ving their paints all over our bovine.
Enjoying watching the dynamic young talented crew strut their stuff.
James Foley
My studio is alive with ideas. Just call me the tea lady.


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