Sahara to Fez

April 18th, 2009 | Category: News

Waves upon waves of sand conjure up childhood visions of endless dunes, quicksand, an oasis, nomads, and camels. All is realized. The emptiness of the desert is fulfilling. A Nomad with 64 camels offers only 4 for me. We’ll wait for a better deal. Ancient Kasbahs sit in lush valleys of date palms. For the people here, life is without want and need is little.

Veils of the city are peeled back, layer upon layer, exposing life unchanged for hundreds of years. Young men loiter aimlessly, harassing the tourist with map in hand, lost in the old Medina’s labyrinth. One must hold fresh mint to the nose to survive the smell of the tanneries. Donkeys trot past laden with goods. Fez can steal your heart away.

Storks build giant nests atop the minarets on mosques. Facing Mecca, they await the call to prayer.stork nesting on minaret

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