January 22nd, 2009 | Category: News

Empty nesting. My studio has a empty easel and an empty art desk. My Archibald is being shipped to the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the first set of sketches for “Ned Kelly and the Green Sash” are also traveling to Sydney. Perhaps they should have gone together for comfort over the vast Nullabor plain.
Regarding the Archy, I’ve won against myself. The process was paramount. I’ve raised my own benchmark and will do it again next year.There is something about breathing life onto a canvas nearly life size.
the last glimspeColin the shipper
As for “Ned Kelly” here’s a peek at 3 of the spreads. Loved creating the roughs in a book. Being able to turn the pages in a tactile form like a finished project was methodical. Ned as a Young BoyShootout at GlenrowanThe Last Stand

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    1. Hi Frane, your portrait is great 🙂 so bright and colourful i love the golden and orange colours of her dress contrasted against the cool blues. Also a nice idea having the couch in front of the ocean. I am sure there is a lot of symbolism in there too! All the best. Did you varnish it aswell? Can I ask what do you mean when you say “I’ve won against myself”? does that mean it got selected to be hung?

    2. Great to see your rough Ned Kelly sketches too, i also like doing mock up books 🙂 makes it start coming alive!

    3. I’ve won against myself means; I’m satisfied for trying for something so impossible.
      I don’t need to be selected. It was all about the process. Getting in is no longer important.

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