Night with our Stars

March 6th, 2009 | Category: News

Twenty authors/illustrators under the stars, each allotted with three minutes of mic time, speaking about their latest work. How do we do it?Moira Court, Elaine Forrestal, Wendy Binks, Glen Swift

Well….er…with the help of ‘fruit of the vine’ and lovely Jan Nicholls armed with an egg timer and a bell. I was next to last, felt a bit like the nightwatchman (as in cricket). This Children’s Book Council initiative is a gem of an evening with people attending from all over the state.The venue was packed to capacity, nearly overflowing onto the Hwy. Sitting next to Kate McCaffrey was just asking for trouble.

Kate McCaffreyKate McCaffrey

Jack's Island

What I enjoy most-est is catching up with peers and their latest books. Norman Jorgensen’s Jack’s Island is one of my favorites and will be a classic for many years to come. In Norm’s own words: “This is an exciting story of adventure, bravery and courage but most of all it is a story of friendship and loyalty”. A story after my own heart.

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    1. Moira says:

      Hi Frane,
      was just wondering if you would mind if i put your photo of us ladies and Glenn the honourary lady, on my blog – i will say that it is yours. See you at the FCLC Open Day, Moira of the large bloomers and neat colouring in:0)

    2. Looks like you had a ball 🙂

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