Midnight on Exhibition

February 20th, 2014 | Category: News

A preview of the “Midnight”exhibition at The Literature Centre

It’s always a thrill to look back and follow the stages involved in preparing a book for publication.

– from its origin and inspiration to the extensive research involved.

– the ‘journeys of discovery’ that help balance creative interpretation with historical authenticity.

– the development of a storyline to the rough drafts and sketches.

– the creative process of the artist that leads to original art.

Midnight captures the bond between horse and rider, the journey to war and an important moment in Australian military history. The Literature Centre invites school groups to view this moving, thought-provoking exhibition – a perfect workshop for students in the lead up to ANZAC Day. Suitable for Year 3 – Year 7
To book go here:

We’ll be celebrating Midnight with an informal gathering at the Literature Centre on Open Day, Sunday, March 16th from 2–3.00pm. Join Gee Jay the light horse for an Anzac biscuit and a cuppa. For details, click on the invite.

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    1. Sam Juliano says:

      Always a treat to see work in progress posts, and this has only emboldened me further to see this great creation. Magnificence incarnate!

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