Lighthouse Girl

January 27th, 2009 | Category: News

Dianne Wolfer came up from Albany and stayed over for a PJ party.
She’s meeting her publishers this morning about her exquisite new book Lighthouse Girl due out in early March. Here’s the blurb:
It’s 1914. Fay can shoot a rabbit and make a mean nettle stew. She understands Morse code and the semaphoric alphabet. She knows where penguins nest and when humpback whales migrate. But until she starts writing to a soldier named Charlie, she’s never known friendship – and she’s never had a friend to lose.
Based on the true story of Faye Howe, this gentle tale brings to life the hardships of those left at home during the war — waiting, wondering, hoping. Drawing on fascinating archival material, and interweaving fact with fiction, award-winning author Dianne Wolfer deftly recreates this period in Australian history from the perspective of a young girl.

Last night: Music wafted up our road and we discovered that the Survival Day 2009 concert was held a mere 100 yards from our house – a national celebration of Aboriginal music, performance, visual art and culture. An exciting alternative to the official Australia Day event’s although we also indulged in prawns on the barbie doll at David and Lindsay Lloyd’s house with stunning views over the Swan River for the annual Sky show.

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