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June 29th, 2010 | Category: News

Yes, okay, I’ve been slack… especially compared to most of my author friends who seem to travel here there and everywhere, speak in schools, knock off a novel or two in their sleep and still have time to blog nearly every day. Perhaps it’s the natural born writer in them. To recap on the past month which took me to Melbourne visiting schools and a guest at Dromkeen, to Rottnest Island on shall we call “a retreat”, to Sydney for Australian Society of Authors meetings, and finally our book launch of Ned Kelly and the Green Sash.
Why do we launch books? It’s expensive and nerve wracking and it’s definitely like childbirth. You always forget about the pain of creating the book and then organizing the launch, so you go right ahead and do it again. I always feel like I’m having an outer body experience.I have to thank Kirtsy Murray and her Blog for summing up the evening so beautifully. Click here to read. Janet Holmes a Court and Ismé Stubbs Janet Holmes a Court was our launcher. A remarkable woman whose words will resonate with me for a long time. A woman who is not shy to say that her grandchildren live very comfortable lives. So what do you give your children or grandchildren who have everything? Her answer is time and books. Fremantle Children's Literature Centre photo by Kirtsy Murray She brought along a young friend Ismé Stubbs. She’s got a top book review blog, amazing, as she’s only 14 years old. Click here to read. I teased Ismé saying she’ll need to say a few words too. She gave me a strange look so I told her I was only teasing. Well the joke was on me, because Janet secretly planned that Ismé speak and officially launch our book. Frane and Ned

As a co organizer of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Rottnest Island Retreat, I was totally exhausted before the ferry docked on the island, but as soon as I put my toes on the jetty, I soon remembered why Dianne Wolfer and I started the Retreat…Frane and Dianne Wolferbecause what could be better than to spend time with your best-est writer and illustrator buddies for 4 days of professional development and serious partying. Susanne Gervay We’re all a bunch of big kids at heart and with no parents to supervise, we had a blast. We danced. We wrote. We sang. We toured. We painted. We biked. We read. We ate. We drank (just a little). Shannon Melville

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