Ghosts of Gwalia

November 9th, 2011 | Category: News

Gwalia is a red dirt ghost town, nearly 1000km from Perth. The shacks have been long deserted, but one cannot help but feel like a voyeur, sneaking into peoples homes while they’re out.
A few creaking doors and the howling wind sets the scene.

More pictures on my Facebook Page.
We’re here to run workshops, in nearby Leonora, to further opportunities for local Indigenous people.

The Team:
Ron Bradfield Jr, from Artsource, Manager Regional + Indigenous Program

Margaret Whiskin, Publishing Manager, from Magabala Books , an Indigenous Publishing house

And me….

This is a piece of goanna (lizard) tail I grabbed from the fridge for morning tea!

Participants are enjoying learning the process of making books and being exposed to new art materials.
I’m learning to ‘go with the flow’ and enjoying every minute along the way.

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