Fitzroy Crossing and beyond…

November 17th, 2009 | Category: News

Fitzroy Crossing and beyond on a whim.
Packed paints and brushes. Set out to paint whatever in the Never Never with canvases as blank and yet open as my mind. To paint and stretch those wings.tree_177154794579_530024579_2952955_3880165_s

Headed off on the melting tarmac to the Never Never. 111.2F/44.C = hot.
The black soon turns into red dirt. The same Kimberley red dirt that fills up your nostrils and gets under your skin. Finding yourself longing for this wide open country as soon as your gone.12934_177154829579_530024579_2952961_6177538_sgold24579_2952952_3588392_s

Flocks of screeching cockatoos make our arrival known at Geikie Gorge.
Ten rock wallabies bound like graceful ballerinas across the path. The rocks we walk amongst are 350 million years old, that’s pretty old.

We set out to wade through Tunnel Creek. You can walk 750 metres through cool pools watching for bats and the stalactites that hang from the roof. Our flashlights go flat, but not before seeing fresh slide prints of a croc. Have you any idea how pitch black it is in there? There is never adjusting to dark this dark.

The Fitzroy River is dry sand. Crocodiles wait for the big wet. One little poke in the great big gray bugger of clouds and all will be released. It’s hard to imagine in flood, the river becomes one of the world’s biggest. Roads can be closed for weeks at a time. It’s here in the sand that we light a fire and cook the cherabin.12934_177154869579_530024579_2952968_1401112_s

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