First glimpse…

January 7th, 2009 | Category: News

It was hard finding a canvas big enough to contain her head.
I have 2 weeks to get it dried and freighted to Sydney. 900 entries maybe 30 selected. There is always the Packing Room Prize, the guys who unwrap the entries get to vote or the Salon de Refuse exhibition.
In any case, I’m so loving the process.

    3 responses to “First glimpse…”

    1. Actually my head does look big there… is it really that big????

    2. Frané says:

      Not any more. You’ve had a lobotomy since this post.

    3. jewbelle says:

      I am stunned with happiness that you are working this big miz peggy
      i knew you had in you! its utterly gorgeous. tell anna head whomever she is (a drinking buddy no doubt, like the best of us) her head is perfect.

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