Cross Check

July 28th, 2013 | Category: News

It’s not because I love the dull thud of the aircraft doors being hermetically sealed followed by the words, cross-check, nor how I ‘love the smell of jet fuel when I wake up in the mornings’. Since my last posting there were way too many interstate and overseas invitations to amazing places that kept me on the hop. Wasn’t a problem, until I got home and my own family and friends did not know me by name.

Appreciate being home, sleeping in my own bed, pottering around the garden, cooking and most importantly, painting in my studio. With multiple books under contract, my wings are clipped.

I initially created this colour coded immaculate airtight schedule with good intentions – now gone by the wayside.

Happy happy happy as it’s given me the time to complete “The Mayflower” for Holiday House Publishers USA. Here’s a wee mini glimpse.

I so enjoyed working on this project as the editor just let me get on with it – she let me paint. She trusts that I will deliver my best.

The question might arise: Will my intuitive go at a painting be the best or if a publisher asks me to rework and rework something over and over, jumping through hoops with prelim material, will it eventually evolve into something better? I prefer the spontaneity.

And oh…. I discovered Charvin paints when I was in Paris. The shop was right next to my hotel. A true romance has begun with the creamiest gouaches in the world.

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