Children’s Book Council Shortlist

March 31st, 2009 | Category: News

hmmm, what came first? My putting the bubbly in the fridge last week in hope we’d make the CBC Shortlist for Simpson and his Donkey or their sober decision? I’ve never made even the CBC Notable List in Australia so this acknowledgment is thrilling beyond words. Woo Hoo!Simpson and his Donkey

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    1. Elise Hurst says:

      Frane – you rock!! Need we say more? A very well-deserved place on the list!

    2. Congratulations again Frane and Mark, it is awesome news, i can see the smile on your face now! Hope the bubbly was nice 🙂

    3. Moira says:

      hello again!
      I had no idea about not making short list before – so suprised, that is actually rather rediculous. Happy happy big whoopy jumps! Moira XX

    4. I am soooo happy for you guys (big smiles from Katy) and totally agree with Moira – it’s crazy that it’s never happened before!!! Well done Frane and Mark, it’s a truly beautiful and moving picture book. xxx

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