Broome Time

July 25th, 2010 | Category: News

Out of the cold and into the warmth. Where red ochre dirt meets a bright turquoise ocean. Indigenous publishing house Magabala Books are holding a week long workshop for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Hence we travel north to help participants tell their stories through words and paintings. Our aim is to nurture creators, through skills development and hopefully eventual publishing opportunities. The participants are beyond talented in their own artistic right that we’re humbled to be helping them. Just to show you a few please click on their names: Norma MacDonald, Peter Farmer, and Kirsty Burgu.Kirtsy Burgu

Broome is made up of two square blocks of corrugated iron shops with same iron roofs. Quaint and paintable. The town has a multicultural mix from the history of Japanese pearl divers who intermarried with the Indigenous traditional landowners = beautiful people.Japanese Cemetery
Pearl shops line the streets and vie for customers. I try on a golden strand of pearls, first thinking they’re 420.00, on second glance, perhaps it’s 4,200. The pearls light up my face. An instantaneous face-lift, I feel ten year younger. Perhaps it’s the shop lighting. In any case, the price is actually 42,000.00 so I carefully remove the strand and move away from the counter.One day you'll be mine

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