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January 12th, 2015 | Category: News

Kangaroo and meAustralia is a far cry from New Jersey where I grew up. I’ve always loved to travel and as soon as I could walk, I’d take off on adventures with my little red wagon…collecting rocks and flowers from neighborhood gardens along the way.

Nowadays, I look forward to travelling around Australia. Within a few minutes from my house, I can catch a ferry to Rottnest Island or stroll alongside the Swan River.

RottnestScreen Shot 2014-12-16 at 9.34.31 AM

I often see dolphins, black swans and families catching prawns and crabs. One of my favorite pastimes is walking along the Indian Ocean to Dog Beach, watching dogs of all shaped and sizes having the time of their lives.


The love of Australia is what ultimately drove me to create A is for AUSTRALIA and I was lucky enough to travel to many of the places in the book.

By planeCrocodiles!On the road






My challenge was to represent all the states and to highlight Australia’s diverse and unique landscape. Some destinations were so incredibly iconic: Sydney Harbour, Uluru, and Bondi Beach, which made the decision easy. Some locations were difficult to choose because there were many amazing alternatives! Book Two?



Back in my studio, I sorted through the enormous range of facts, photographs, travel brochures, stacks of research books and many online sources of information. A is for AUSTRALIA is a celebration of Australian people, places and culture. Hopefully children will be intrigued and bug their parents to take them to explore some of the locations in the book!


Now available online and in all good bookstores.

 A for Australia TRAILER.

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    1. Marg Gibbs says:

      Love the idea, illustrations are pure and child like but so informative! Lucky you to catch the beauty and uniqueness of our vast country ! What sort of camera do you own Frane ?

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